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Kent Dog Training - Puppy Home Visits £150

At Kent Dog Training we offer puppy training home visits for the first time puppy owner, for families who need a little extra help, puppy owners interested in teaching the training commands to exerienced dog owners who require some professional bespoke puppy behaviour modification training  for those very naughty and challenging puppies!!!


In every Kent Puppy Training Home Visit we offer puppy training to families  who simply feel the need for a little more guidance and support ensuring their puppy receives the best start in life and is capable of living in harmony with all family members including children and other pets.


We specialise in the following dog training behavioural issues:


One 2 One obedience/behavioural training.

Nervous aggression/dominant aggression.

Nervous behaviour, fears and phobias.

Dog to dog/dog to people aggression.

Excessive Barking/digging problems.

Biting/nipping/jumping up problems.

Chewing/destructive behaviour.

Recall issues-failing to return.

Safe Practice with children.

Toilet training problems.

Pulling on the lead.

Crate training.


A typical One 2 One puppy training session will last for three hours, this will include two hours training in and out of your home and the last hour time spent writing your pack leadership programme and other relevant guides.  


Our PRICE FOR LIFE PACKAGE supplies you with FREE written and telephone aftercare support for the life of your puppy.  


Puppy and dog training lifetime support for just £150


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